Sunday, February 6, 2011


      Well the day millions of football fans have been waiting for,Super Bowl Sunday.The Green Bay Packers versus the Pittsburg Steelers..Being a football fan myself,I look forward to the game,,which by all accounts should be a great one.But I would be more excited if it was the San Diego Chargers instead of the Steelers.However there is always next year. To say that this will be a super sunday for football is an understatement.It is estimated that close to a billion people worldwide will watch the game. Now I understand that what we call football is extremely popular here in the states. But our population is only 300 million,so even if every single person, from babies to the elderly watched the game that still leaves around700 million viewers worldwide.Really, give me a break.Now I know that the whole world needs a diversion from what is happening in every corner of the globe. From wars,to demonstration in the middle east and in the capitals of Europe.There is wholesale starvation in Africa,and parts of Asia,religious and political strife in almost every corner of the globe.Yes we need something to take our minds off our troubles,if even for a few hours. So I guess that the Super Bowl qualifies,but a billion people. Give me a break.
     Am I going to root for one team over the other. Of Course!The Steelers have already won a Super Bowl, so I am hoping that Arron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers win. Yes I know that the Packers have won the big game before, but not the young quarterback Arron Rogers,so the Packers get my support.Cheeseheads all the way!.Until the game begins I will probably be watching golf, or a sunday talk show. Both are both interesting and boring at the same time.Maybe a good book instead?After all I am a avid reader,between 5 to seven books a week on the average.From action/adventure to physics,to quantum mechanics,but no horror or romance.I have to draw the line somewhere.
    I must make one thing clear, even though I live in Las Vegas, I will not be betting on the game. Now if the Chargers were playing that's a different story, but not this year.Tomorrow we will once again tackle more serious topics,but until then enjoy the game. Really a Billion People?


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  2. I know that happens to me when I try to post on your blog sometimes.LOL