Wednesday, February 23, 2011


     While searching through the news reports and the blogs that I follow.Now since they read mine ,I of course read theirs,and like my best friends blog ,they all were devoted to poetry.Being someone who is more comfortable with prose I am envious of those who can put their thoughts into poetic form.Well I was reading a blog by Lorel called "Silver glimmer dust' and the poem she wrote call "Crippling Composition" in which she compared life to a jigsaw puzzle.Once I read it I knew I had my inspitation for my post this evening.Life is a jigsaw puzzle what a brilliant view of the complexity of life.It would take a poet to distill life into that mind frame.So thank you Lorely, and now on to my take on life as a jigsaw puzzle.
     The first thing that comes to mind looking at life as a jig saw puzzle is putting the pieces together when we do not know the picture.Normally you have the box top picture to guide you,but in life there is no picture.So we blindly guess as to what the picture should be,and yes we guess wrong time after time.So putting the puzzle to gether becomes somewhat problematic,and it is a nightmare if the picture turns out to be a solid color.I have tried one of those and it takes the patience of a saint or someone who has no concern for time.Now scientists have always thought of life in terms of mathematics and that to them life can be approach in the logic tree model. Now for those who are not familar with the logic tree model here it is in a nut shell.All decisions are reduced to a either or decision. In a situation that has seems to be complex it is reduced to one decision at a time. Here's an example,lets say you have to decide whether you should take a certain job which might mean moving.The logic tree would go this way,the first decision would be 1)to either take the job or not. If you don't take the job then no futher decisions are necessary and the problem is at an end. Now if you decided to take the job then a whole new set of decisions are needed.Example;to move your possessions or to store them.If you decided to store them then no futher decision is necessary.If you decided to move them then the decision is to either move them yourself or to have others move them. You see how it goes either or at every stage. One decision stops the process the other moves it to the next step.
     Now if life is a jigsaw puzzle then the logic tree would be this,each piece you pick up the decision is work for you persowhether or not it meets a general observations as to whether or not it might fit the space. If the decision is that it does not.then no futher decision concerning that piece is needed.If it does then the decision is whether it fit a more specific set of parameters.And so on and so forth.Believe it or not this method of approaching lifes problem actually does work in over 99% of the cases in which you need to make a decision.Therefore it makes putting the jigsaw puzzle together a heck of a lot easier.Whether or not it would  work for you is a decision for you to make.Or you can keep guessing at each junction,as to whether or not the piece you are holding will fit.I know what I believe is the correct way to approach lifes problems but as usual what do you believe?


  1. I'm glad I inspired you! The frustrating part about the jigsaw puzzle are the pieces you don't have any control; other people are making decisions which in some way affect you...but they are given free will...and you can't control that.
    Your writing about the decision making process reminds me of a book you might want to peruse if you haven't already "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell...

  2. I've always felt that life is a bit like walking across a bog. You never know when you are going to go deeper than you intended or what you will pull out with you. You often have to change path and take an unexpected route. If you are not careful, you end up consentrating so hard on the next few steps, you forget where you are going. Arrival at the other side can happen without warning. It is a lot easier to keep your feel if you have the support of friends.

  3. Lorel I definitely will look up the book "Blink" thank you for the suggestion.
    Penny I certainly agree you need the support of friends to naviagate through the rapids of live.