Saturday, February 5, 2011


       Well it's the weekend and time for something light. Last night I was watching "Fringe" and decided that it would be fun to look at impossibilites.The first thought was baseball with the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.But no,that's too far out. As Nostradamus said, When the Cubs win the World Series,the world as we know it will end.Ok he did not say that,but if he had it would have been accurate.So let us move on to something else.
     It has always amazed me when two things coincide or converge.Last night around 1:30am I was watching a Time-Life infomercial for singers and songwriters of the 60's and 70's. As I listened to the beginnings of songs,some of which I haven't heard in forty years,I was immediately transported into the past.As the words and melody flowed through my mind, I remembered excatly were I was the first time I heard them.For 30 minutes I remembered my college days after a tour of duty in Vietnam.Carefree days with good friends,laughter,music and need I say it beautiful women.Well they were beautiful to a young 22 year old male.Singers like,Carly Simon,Peter,Paul and Mary,Janis Joplin,Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead the list could go on and on.The first song I fell in love with by Peter,Paul and Mary entitled ":Leaving on a Jet Plane" and Paul Simon's,"Still Crazy After All These Years."These songs were reverberating in my mind as I went to sleep.However as my head hit the pillow,I remembered an old comedy routine called,"Waiting for the Electrian or someone like him." For the love of me I could not remember who made the record, so I made a mad dash to my laptop and googled the record.The answer poped up immediately, The Firesign Theater.Great I thought ,how could I forget them,after all I could repeat the entire record my heart.It was a great comedy routine..
     Any way as I surfed the net I came across an internet radio station called "Jango".You picked the groups you wanted to hear and basically created your own personal radio station.Well since it was free I immediately signed up,and for the first time since 1972 listen in its entirety Alro Guthrie's"Alice's Restaurant Massacree".Sorry, Time-Life, I now have the singer and songwriters of the 60's and 70's for free.I recommend "Jango" to one and all.
 Wait you say,how does My Cat is Crazy fit into this blog.Picture this, its 4am and I am listening to music from Jango and out of the blue comes my cat tearing around the apartment,like he took a hit from his personal stash.The Flash could not move as quickly.As I watched him tear around the room I thought.My cat has lost it,he's crazy.But he brought a smile to my face. So there it is,music and my cat. A strange pairing to say the least.


  1. Oh Richie, What a great story ! And I see you took to heart my advice, it looks and reads SO much better, so well done on that too !

    You always say how proud you are of me, but honestly, I am just as proud of you !! You are growing in leaps and bounds !!!
    LOVE YOU !!