Friday, February 4, 2011


     With the mass uprisings in the middle east from Tunsia,to Egypt,to Jordan we hear from the political pundits saying how democrary is comming to the middle east and it will not be denied.However these individuals should be careful what they wish for. We already have two examples of true democracy that have happened in the middle east and neither one has turned out well for the United States.In each case, what we have said are terrorist organizations came into power. In Gaza,Hamas has taken over, and in Lebanon,Hezbollah.In both cases these organizations were elected by the majority of the population.How could this happen, you cry. Don't they know who they are voting for? Well the answer is yes they knew who they were voting for but to the people that were voting these organizations were not considered terrorist.
     All of our presidents have told us loudly and often that it is the destiny of all people to be free,and the way to freedom is through the democratic process. It is unfortunate,that our elected leaders do not know thecountry they run is actually not a democracy but a republic. What's the difference? Well in an actual democracy the will of the majority rules,period. In a republic the rights of the minority are protected.Have you spotted what the basic problem is with the assumption of democracy.The problem that our founding fathers spotted and assured that it would not be woven into the fabric of our government.Give up?
     The basic problem with democracy and the assumption it relies on is that the majority of the population will vote for what is best for everyone. This assumption includes the belief that the majority will vote to limit their own power to ensure that the rights of the minority are respected.This is a completely flawed assumption.The majority never votes to limit their own power unless forced to by law. That is the reason that our founding fathers,at least some of them, demanded that the Bill of Rights be included in our founding document. They realized that the majority will always trample on the minority.That by definition the minority will never truly have any power in a true democracy.This is why Hamas and Hezbollah present such a threat to peace in the middle east.These organizations had a command structure so when a democratic vote was called for,by the United Nations, they were able to mount a very effective campaign to convinced the voters that they had their best intrests at heart. They downplayed their military aspect and played up their concern for the people. It was this view ,that they were concerned for the poor that got them elected to the halls of power,and  the control of their country. So unfortunately our politicans got excatly what they said they wanted, a democratically elected government.To bad it was an organization that we consider to be a terrorist one.
     So I ask you,since it is oblivious that our elected leaders do not know the differance between a democracy and a republic. Nor which form of government we have,should they be requirred to pass a test to show that they understand the type of government they want to lead. I know what I think, but as usual what do you think?


  1. Thanks Richard. It is great to read something that puts into clear words the fuzzy concerns that float through my brain. Democracy is not freedom, it is mob rule on a large scale.

  2. No thank you Penny,feedback makes writing a lot easier on the brain.LOL

  3. I don't think most people understand what a democracy is. I laugh when people say 'everyone knows' in a way that means it must be true. After all, not long ago 'everyone knew' the Earth is flat but I haven't heard of anyone falling off the edge recently.