Thursday, February 24, 2011


     This post might be somewhat sporadic for the next few days to a week. I am moving to a better place,and moving really takes it out of me. I hate to move,so I have a tendency to stay in oned place for extended periods of time.There is a draw back to staying  in one place ,you start to accumulate stuff. Piles and boxes of stuff that fill up all avaible space and then some.When I moved into this apartment I had maybe a dozen books with me. I had quite a few in storage,but did not move them with me. Yesterday I packed up the books in the apartment,and would you care to venture a guess as to the number of boxes it took. Well, I would venture to guess you were very much on the low side. It took twenty large boxes to pack up the books. I kept up a count as I packed them and the total was well over the 600 book mark.I will probably add a few more to the collection,but I am leaning on getting a kindle. The reason is the other day I saw a commerical about the kindle which stated the battery lasts almost a month,and it could hold up to 8,000 books in it's memory. 8,000 books at the tip of my fingers in a device that can fit in my back pocket,I will be in heaven.However I can see one major drawback to having that many books at one's finger tips.Here's the problem,I am in my sixties and since I have lived in a city for fifteen years now, I take public transportation, since the only place I have to be on time is a doctors appointment or going to the movies.I almost always carry a book with me to read while waiting for the bus, and while on it. I cannot tell you how many times I will look up from the book I am reading,and exclaim,Were in the hell am I.For as sure as the sun rises in the east.I missed my stop.When I read ,everything else in the world ceases to exist as far as my awareness is concern. Can you imagine what will happen if I have 8,000 books at my finger tips.I may end up living on the bus,unable to tear myself away from the tome before me.
     Yes I have an addiction to books and reading,it may be a legal  but it can cost more than drugs or alcohol.And I have yet to hear of a readers anonymous, or a twelve step program for addicted readers.Ok,maybe it's not that bad,no I assure you it is,I'm a geek addicted to knowledge and books.The only genre that I don't care for and avoid are romance and horror.I have read the classic's in both genre but modern day novels do not intrest me,everything else I can't wait to get my hands on.Ideas and knowledge can there be any greater quest to be on.That is the purpose of language,to convey ideas,and to enlighten and enlarge one's worldview.But the misuse of language can be the source of all the problems.As the french writer Antoine deSaint-Exupery the author of the Little Prince,would say about language,"Language is the source of misunderstanding."Which is why poets and writers are so concerned with its use and the words to convey their ideas,Of the two, poets are the most elegant in the use of language.,while writers are the most descriptive when using language.which bring us back to books.There is one thing I know for a fact;,that the writers of blogs and those that read them all suffer from the same afflication that I have suffered from for the last sixty years.Books,Books,So many books and so little time.


  1. Gotta Love you Richie !!

    Do you remember when I moved into your house in Jacumba! You went to work and I just HAD to clean... All those books and all that dust !! (cough,cough) I thought you were going to bring the house down !!
    LOL !!

  2. Richard, moving is not fun, but it does help us clean out our clutter! lol! Books...yes I am addicted as well...magazines also! I can't help myself...
    I'm looking into getting an "E Reader by Sony." They are suppose to be easy on our eyes and they say you can keep your own notes on it as well. As for your missing your bus stop...put a minute timer in your pocket lol!!! ~.^ Helena

  3. Books, ah yes. I have a three bedroon house; one roomfor me, one for my mother and one for my books. Still not enough room so I am considering a loft conversion.
    I have never tried a Kindle or an E-reader but I do access the BAEN free library and read things on there. I can not read computer screens for very long before my eyes play up though. I hope we never lose real books in my lifetime. Somehow, words printed on paper just seem to have a special importance and magic.