Wednesday, February 2, 2011


         Fossils, what fossils?you may wonder just how I cane to this particular topic. Well you can place the blame on comedian Bill Maher, and a guest he had on his panel Rep Jack Kingston of Georgia.I really dislike the Bill Maher comdey show but when I am channel surffing and come across it I can not but stop to watch, As a comedian I do not find him funny, and as a liberal talk show host,he is completely opiniated,unable to admit that he might be wrong,and as such dismisses any other point of view.It resembles a train wreck you don't want to watch,but you cannot tear your eyes away.Anyway the topic of evolution came up and Rep Jack Kingston of Georgia was ask if he believed in evolution.
         Now in the 21st century one can hope that our elected lawmakers would be conversant with modern evolutionary theory,actually I should say evolutionary fact.When asked about evolution Rep.Kingston replied that he did not believe in evolution,since he did not believe man descended from monkeys.That since we have been here for a milliom or so years were is the fossil of the missing link.Well his answer showed a large ignorance of how fossils are created. It also showed that he was uninformed in the latest finds in archaeology,that of Adripitious Raimdus 4.3 million years old which had small cannie teeth unlike others of the same period.and Adrepilious Kadabla who is 5.7 million years with some human like bones and others that do not seem to be completely human, Dare say a mix.
     The reason that fossil records are incomplete is do to the fact about the way fossils are made.In a nut shell fossils are made when bodies are buried quickly in wet airless ground that is compacted allowing the flesh to decay,and the bones to become pertified. Most early human and what would be call sub-human specsis remain are scattered and fragmentation by animals,dehydration,and weathering by the elements.It takes very specific conditions to preserve the remains so that they become fossils. This is why fossils are so rare and incomplete.The chance that any particular remains will become a fossil is like hitting the megabucks lottery twice in a roll.Fossil records are like viewing a film with most of the frames missing and haveing to fill them in using logic.You will get a good sense of what the fill is abouy but you will never know each and every frame that go to make up the movie.
       Now the thought is this, just how scared are you having electred individuals making decisions for you when they do not have a basic understanding of science.Should our representivates be made to take an intellence test before they caqn serve,Good idea?Do you want your electred represntatives to have a basic understanding on just how the world works and came to be.I know what I believe, but the question is what do you thinknis necessary in our electred represntatives?


  1. Richie,
    Not to be overly picky, but you need to proof read and spell check your posts better. I love that you write everyday, but being a teacher, you should take better care! It will give you more readers to take the time to edit, you wont believe the difference it makes.

    Fossils and Politics.... Only you!

  2. On the whole, I think most peoplr feel a lot of elected repersentatives are fossils. As the old saying goes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The problem is most people don't elect their representatives because they think they can do the job, it is just a popularity contest. People who show they are very clever and have a great deal of knowledge are frequesntly well admired but not all that popular as they make other people feel inferior. Unfortunately, in politics as in everything else, you get what you pay for.

  3. oops, I need spell-check too. My brain is faster than my fingers.