Friday, February 18, 2011


     At first glance the title of this post would seem to indiciate that it would deal with charities or organizations that provide services to families or individuals.Well you would be both right and wrong at the same time.It sounds a little zen doesn't it.What this post will de dealing with is artifical or prosthetic limbs.Now civilization can be viewed in a number of ways. It improves the lives of mankind in general,has allowed humans to spread around the world an increase their numbers to the breaking point worldwide.Man can now peer into the distant past when the universe began and to understand it's inner workings.At the same time it has produced enviromental damage to the oceans and polluted our lands and the very air we breathe.The pro's and con's are legion and can be debated till the end of time,but there is one area were there is no arguement.That area is the relief and improvement of the lives of individuals who have lost limbs and other body parts.In fact it would be safe to say that everyone knows someone who makes uses of a prosthetic.Wait,you say I don't know anyone who is mising an arm or leg.That may be true but how many people due you know who wear dentures.Dentures are in fact a prosthetic.
    We can go to the very dawn of civilization there are reports that the early Egyptian's use artifical or prosthetic limbs. Starting in the 14th century artifical limbs started to become functional.Limbs that could in some respect minic the movement of the orginial limbs they seek to replace.One of the most famous individuals in history who has been immortalize in both the written word and song was the 18th century British Admiral Horatio Nelson,who was missing and arm and one eye.War the biggest area that destroys the life's of so many soldiers,who come home missing one or more limbs.It is the use of these prosthetic limbs that allow these brave individuals to live full and useful lives without relying on the goodwill and charity of others.Ask yourseves this questionin what other area of human endeavor does as much to improve the daily life of those missing limbs or body parts. Prosthetic's also include heart values,hip and knee joints.They are now working on prosthetic's that response to the electrical impluses of nevers and to thought.Think of it,individuals who are completely paralyze and who cannot talk are able to use their thoughts to control a computer which allows them to talk and operate a wheelchair for mobility.Who knows with the advances that science and medicine are making,maybe just maybe there will come a time were individual who have lost limbs or have had spinal injuries will be able to grow or regenerate limbs or nerves. After all if some species of lizards and starfish can regrow severed limbs and tails why can't man. Even the lowely earthworm can completely regrow itself if chopped into pieces.Thats the question that both science and medicine has been asking itself and I am cofident that sooner or later the not only will be able to answer that question,but will do away with the need for prosthetic's.Let us hope. As usual I know what I believe but just what do you think will happen?


  1. Space, the final frontier,
    Just what will we find here?
    Whole new ways to cure ills,
    Remedies without pills?
    Surgery with no knife,
    Ways to extend our life?
    Solutions to our woes?
    To crime, to anger, to blows.
    Addiction overcome,
    And added to the sum
    Of knowledge we possess.
    The problems we address
    Will be solved finally
    So all live peacefully.
    All this from what we find
    In space within our mind.

  2. I see you are probably a star trek fan,and your right the future and space exploration holds mankinds (hopefully) bright future.Well said and well written.As Usual

  3. You are both right and wrong Richard. I am a Sci-Fi fan but, as I get older, I have come to hate the popular tv shows. Apart from the fact that mankind always wins whatever battle against whichever overwhelmingly superior opposition they take on, however more advanced that opposition is (grrr), I feel they are having a detrimental effect on peoples attitude to science and scientific advances. For one thing, people are no-longer encouraged by, happy about of grateful for whatever comes along and makes their lives better or easier, be it trivial or medical. Instead there is this constant feeling of dissatisfaction that it is not as good as in Star Trek, Stargate, etc..
    Secondly, there is the rapid spread of conspiracy theories that say scientific advances of spectacular levels have been made and are being suppressed by Them. Them now ranging from secret Government organisations to big businesses.
    Then there is this apparent incredible inertia to actually do anything because of an irrational belief that science will find an answer before things get too bad.
    The space I was refering to in the poem is the one behind out eyes, in our brains. Thinking, researching and discoveries made here will be our future I feel.

  4. Good morning by the way. It is 7:45 a m here i am had better get off to work.

  5. Great write Richard...I have no doubt that they will do away with the need for prosthetic's...hopfully sooner than later...