Sunday, February 27, 2011


      I am going to be helping a freiend for the next two weeks,so once again I will not be posting.I am of the belief that with those that you trutly call a  friend that there is nothing you would not do to help them over a rought patch or a problem were you help can carry the day.Well that situation has arisen with one of my friends.So like my might mouse picture I have posted,"Here I come to save the day!" With that said this blog will be inactive till March 16th,2011,the day before my birthday.I will once again be posting then and hopefully all of you who have been following this blog will do so once again starting on March 16ht.Till then I wish everyone good health,fortune and most of all good reading.

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  1. Your a good friend Richard. See you when you return...Miss you already! Keep well ~.^ Helena