Sunday, January 16, 2011


          Yours,mine and ours I guess you can figure out what this post is about.How things are split ,acquired,  the reallocation of the material goods and,finances between the two individuals can be tricky, It doesn't matter whether the relationship is temporary or permanent.Its always the same.
          The first thing we need to examine is the assumption that the two parties operate under.For the purpose of this discussion,we will not consider a prenuptial agreement which the rich usually enter into.The basic assumption is that the two individuals are joining the threads of their lives into a single strand,and that the joining will result in a strong pairing.Under this assumption everything that they have would be joined and owned equally by both parties. Material goods,such as vehicles that each of them owned individually,along with all,furniture,kitchen plates,silverware etc,plus all monetary funds would be included.Pretty straight foreward isn't it.But looks can be deceiving.
         Lets see.The first thing they would do, is to decide what would be kept and what would be discarded.What was saved would then belong equally to  both of them.The same would apply to the finances that each of them brought into the relationship,be it marriage or just living together.If its the latter then sometimes, a set amount of money would be added to a general fund by each one. If this is what is decided on, then any money left over would belong to each individually.In a marriage it would belong to both of them equally.
         Now during the course of the relationship each person would develope different hobbies and areas of responsibilities.What was acquired to allow each person to explore their intrests or hobbies would belong to that individual,regardless of how it was paid for or acquired.
         Now there is an old saying that goes, "Whats mine is mine, but whats yours is mine to."To be truthful it usually applied to the female of the relationship.An in reality,that is somewhat true.The main reason is the the male will usually just acquiesce just to avoid a arguement,which he knows that he can't win.Even if he is right,he's still wrong. For there is an old adage, If momma is unhappy, everyone is unhappy.What can you say, the female of the species usually has the upper hand. A good example of this are clothes. Now you would think, hey, the female has hers and the males has his.True,but not in fact, for the male cannot, wear the womans clothing. Usually because it wouldn't fit him and is not made for his build. However the female can and all to frequently does wear his. Thus, whats hers is hers, and what his is also hers,(when she wants to wear it ).
       Guys, what can I say, in a relationship we usually get screwed figuratively. But what makes it bearable and even enjoyable and fun is that we also get screwed literally. Hey, what can I say, the male of the species is easy.Did we solve anything or clear up what belongs to who. Probably not. Books have been written about this subject, and haven't scratched the surface.But there is one thing oblivious, In a relationships, couples will muddled through, and find common ground.
      Come to think out it, maybe thats why I never did to well in any of my relationship,. Being alone suits me,and I don't have to share.


  1. seeing a man's point of view on this subject makes me want to screem at the top of my lungs !!! Instead I'll write my own, thanks for the inspiration !
    Tee HeeHee

  2. "Happy Wife, Happy Life" LOL!!! or so my hubby says...~.^ H