Sunday, January 23, 2011


         In the last two posts we have looked at cause and effect,and the possibilities of what if? So I thought it might be interesting if we turn our attention to the unexpected roads we have travelled because of a decision made. Usually these decisions,that send us off in directions never contemplated, are small seemingly unimportant ones.Take a moment and review the path you have travelled in life. Has it conformed to what you thought it would?Or did it at some point veer off in a unexpected direction.
        In my life, one of these points came when I decided to take a two week vaction and visit a friend in california.Nothing earth shaking there, or so I thought. But with in that two week period I took a job with the Office of Fire Services Coordinator for the county of San Diego,became a volunteer firefighter,was responsible for saving a number of lives in the following years. But most important thing that happened was I met for the first time the person who would become my closest

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