Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is friendship ?

           Friendship, that's a concept which probably has as many meanings as there are people in the world.The basic assumpation when one considers the meaning and concept of friendship is this,There is no one meaning to friendship that will cover all the different types of friendship. After all,everyone would say, you have the friendship between people who work together, between those that go to school together, those who served together in the military and combat, between neighbors even between sibilings, etc.Each of the preceding examples seem to point to different definitions of the concept of friendship
          The reason for this, is that there are different degrees if intimacy, I would argue. The degree of friendshipis based on how much of  one's personal life that one is willing to share with someone else.The more intimate the relationship is,the deeper the friendship is. What one is willing to do for another, is in the most part based on the level of friendship.Of course there are exceptions. The person who risks,or even gives up their life for a complete strangers.Those that work to better the live of others.These some would argue are also types of general friendships.
          They may be right,but being an old hippy from the 60's, I would argue that there is only one type of friendship. All the others are mere acquaintances.I am very choosy as to who I call a friend.Now why is that?,you ask. The answer is because of the definition I apply to friendship.To me there is only one type of friendship.FRIENDSHIP is were the happiness and well being of the one you call friend is more important to you than youself. Sounds a lot like love, doesn't it. Well your right. To me friendship and love are excatly one in the same. If I call someone a friend, I love them, and if I love someone I call them a friend. There is nothing I won't do for someone I love or call a friend.Which is why I call very few people in this world friend..
         Now you may disagree with the definition that I have for friendship.That's fine, But I would ask this of you.Think of those who you call friend, and what you would do for each one.I think you will find a very bright dividing line among your friends. Those that you would do anything for and those that you would help so long as if did not really impact you life.Friends or acquaintances, that is the question.The answer is within each of us.Funny isn't it,what happens when you begin to question the assumptions of commonly held beliefs.
       I am a little under the weather, so I might miss a daily posting.I hope not, but I thought I should at least let my readers know.


  1. I believe we have a lot of acquaintances, but in no way do they translate into a close friends, where a trusted bond would form. It’s more like an attached familiarity,
    I think I can count on one hand those I consider friends in the truest sense of the word. The friends I am referring to display an unconditional acceptance of who I am and I absolutely do love them.

  2. I LOVE being one of the people you call friend. Your friendsip runs true and deep, loving you through the years has only strenghtened the friendship we have created. I am truly blessed having you in my life.