Sunday, January 23, 2011


      In the last two posts were have examined cause and effect, and the possibilities of what if? So I thought it might be worthwhile to examine the unexpected roads we have taken.Usually we began traveling down these roads because of what we would have describe as a minor decision.No way could that decision change the course of our life.If you stop for a minute and examine the roads you have travelled in your own life,I am willing to bet, you will find such a turning point.Sometimes these turning points are realitively minor,life takes a different road but the changes are not all that important.But sometimes,a small decision,made in the spur of the moment will have life changing consequences.Life and in turn you are change in ways you would never thought possibile.Go ahead and take a minute to look at your own life.
      Ask yourself this question. If you knew what the outcome of that seemly inconsequential decision would be, would you still make the same decision. With me there are two decisions that changed the course of my life. If I change the first one, then the second one would not have occured and you would not be reading this blog.The first might have allowed me to journey into space,which is something I wanted,but a decision made in the heat of the moment,sent me down a path were a journey into space was no longer a possibility.Yet it led me to a friendship that I would not change,for anything.For over twenty years I have been blessed with a friendship so close it defies description.At times driven me crazy,challanged me and at the same time insipred me to heights I did not know I could acheive.All because I decided to take a two week vacation to visit a friend in a place called Harbison Canyon.
       So what about your lifes journey,were the decisions that sent you down new roads the ones you made after careful deliberations, or were they made on the spur of the moment.And the question of the day. would you make them again excatly the same way? That's the question before you and I am sure that the answers will be illuminating.So my friends safe journey down the unpredictable and unexpected turns in life.

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  1. I think about this all of the time, but it is what it is. There are many changes I would like to have made, would it have made me a better person? Who knows, I traveled these roads for a reason, still unknown to me, but I find the further down this road I go, the more friends I have walking with me... I am no longer alone on my journey, so I'm happy now with what I went through on the way.