Saturday, January 22, 2011


     Yesterday we discussed the "Butterfly Effect " which deals with cause and effect. So for today I thought that it might be fun and maybe informative if we give free reign to our imagination. I am a avid reader and lately every other book has been an action,adventure novel that deals with the idea of what if?What if Atlantis exists,and their culture was the start of ours,What if, the mystical tomb of Hercules,actually existed. After all everyone thought that Troy ,which Homer wrote about was just a figment of his imagination.That was until it was found  right were Homer said it was.Maybe the tomb of Hercules does also, what riches would it hold.What if the sword of King Authur",Excalibur", could be found. Could it be in the actual tomb of King Authur.What if, a depository of ancient knowledge was buried under the pyramid ,or the scrolls from the library at Alexandra still existed? Possibilities, wonderous possibilities.
     Science,archaeology are able to explain and unearth the beginnings of our existence lost in the mists of time.However there are still anomalies scattered around the world that defy explanations to this day.An obelisk in India that is at least a thousand years old made of metal that seems to defy the weathering of the ages.Stone work in Chile, high in the andes which was cut with such percision we would have a hard time duplicating the feat today. This from a culture that had no written language, did not know of the wheel.Yet somehow carried stones that weighed tons over 14000ft up mountains, and then using primitive stone tools carved absolutely straight lines and channels  in rock that was harder than granite.How about passages deep inside  ancient pyramids that have brightly colored paintings but yet show no signs of smoke from torches or lamps. I could go on citing example after example, but you get the idea. Now What If?
    Let your imagination soar.What grand and wonderous adventures could you weave around those thing that are known only through legend,or objects that can't be explain. How about a map that dates from the 4th century which was itself a copy of a much older map that not only shows the outline of eastern South America with its rivers yet to be discovered,but wait for it, the accurate coast line of Antarctica which lies under hundreds of feet of snow. A place we know has not been snow free for at least 15000 years.Mysteries unexplained to this day.What story would you weave my friends?Enjoy your imagination?

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  1. Isn't it geat to ponder things ?? So far fetched, yet believible, why not let the imagination fly.... that is how we reached for the stars on your wall!