Saturday, January 22, 2011


          I just finished watching a episode of "Fringe", and it got me to ponder the possibilites of the universe and reality.Just as the writers of the series wanted. This episode dealth with cause and effect. For those who are not familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect, it deals with how small actions that happen thousands of miles away can cause major changes to local areas. It says that a butterfly flapping its wings in the rain forest in south america can cause a hurrican to happen off the coast of new england.Cause and effect,its there even if you are unaware of the change of events between the two actions.Science rests on the belief that there is always a cause and effect to everything that happens anywere in the universe.Every thing from  the microscopic to the macroscopic, follow the same laws. We might not know or understand at the present time the laws that govern a particular chain of events, but its there.Which is why science denies the existence of miracles.To science just because you do not know how something came to be or happen , it does not mean it was cause by a supreme being.Which is why the belief came about that science and god cannot exist together.
      Now I do not know if god exists or doesn't. To me it does not really matter, I will live my life in a fashion that will enrich my life and those around me and the ones I love. I'll  find out one way or another when I die.  Till then I will try to understand the reality and universe that exist around me.On the wall behind my laptop I have pictures of galaxies,nebula's, gas clouds,and planets in color. I look at them and wonder? Will man ever travel among the stars,will we ever understand all it's laws. Personally I believe we have the potential.What do you think?Can a butterfly flapping its wing affect something on the otherside of the world.If yes,then ask yourself this question, just how do we affect the world not only around us but the course of existence as a whole.? Can something we do or don't do really cause a major change in reality.Cause and Effect, Ying and Yang, Karma? Are they the things which rule our reality,What do you think?Do I turn left or right,what if I continue going straight ahead.What possibilites might or might not happen  by the decision you make?
Is there any doubt that thoughts like these could drive one insane. God, I love it, don't you.

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