Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fleas on a cat

We all make assumpations every miniute we are awake. .Some of these are  very deliberate when making decisions,but most are completely unconscious.It is these unconscious assumpations that allow us to navagate through our harried existence on this spinning blue-green globe.It is usually these unconscious assumpations and the way we try to solve the problems we see because of them that the solutions we try are not effective.A great exmaple of this is what I call "Fleas on a cat". I have a cat named Bragg, who a friend gave me about a decade ago.He's a great companion, even though he drives me crazy occasionally.Lately I noticed he has fleas.Not good.Well I know one sure way to kill the fleas, that is to throw Bragg into a blast furance. High heat is 100% effective in killing fleas.There is a drawback to this solution; it will also kill Bragg.I can hear the outcry,Are you insane,why would you even think about throwing you cat into a blast furance.Of course I would not ever consider that as a vabile option,after all I love my cat.Now ask yourself why no one living on the face of the planet would consider throwing my cat into a blast furance.The reason is, that everyone when asked how to kill the fleas on the cat, will assume that you want the cat to live and the fleas dead.Everyone makes that unconscious assumpation,and approachs the problem with that goal in mind.So the way we can kill the fleas becomes very limited, as long as we want Bragg to live.(please excuse this blog, as I am new to this and have yet to figure out how to start new paragraphs..I will figure it out,trust me).Now back to the topic under discussion.When we try to solve problems,before we decide on a particular solution to solve the problem,we need to examine the assumations we are making concerning the problem and if in fact that the are in actually valid.Because if the assumpations we are make are false then no matter what we try to solve the problem,will fail in part or in whole.Take a brief moment and think of all the problems that our society has faced over the years,and how they never seem to be solved,but continue to grow .The reason for this is easy, the unconscious assumpations that we were making concerning the problem were false.As they say concerning computers;"Garbage in, Garbage out."

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