Friday, January 7, 2011


         I have given a lot of thought to were this post should start and what topic we should put under the microscope.After listening to the news and the cable talk shows, the starting point became obvious; politicans and the newly sworn in 112th Congress.What a fertile field unfolds before us to examine:beliefs,laws,rules regulations.You name any area of interest:,business,science,behavior,law,environment, congress can and will inject their personal and political views on the nation.There are so many assumptions one could easily write a book or a series of them.We will visit each area in the following posts,but for now let us focus on the simiple concept of discussion and compromise.
        The first thing that jumps out is that our politicans have not clue as how to hold a discussion. For to trutly hold a discussion on anything there is one critical element.That element is"YOU HAVE TO ADMIT THAT YOU MIGHT BE WRONG." Otherwise you are just spouting your individual or party beliefs.Think about it,every single time you see a politician on the news or two opposing ones,all they due is spout the parties talking points.They follow the belief that if you talk the loudest and repeat the same thing over and over that constitutes a discussion.So what do you think happens when they are in a committee meeting to create a law or regulation,to solve what they perceive as a problem.
       First of all, neither side will even entertain the idea that their view could be wrong.So the side that has the majority will write into the law their parties belief on how to solve the problem.They will allow the other side to place some small change to the language. That way they can say that the final product was the result of a frank and lively discussion between both parties.Theater, for the voting public.Is there any question as to why the problems in this country don't get solved.
        For individuals who are intelligent and highly educated one can only wonder if it is the acquisition of power that blind them to the simiple concept that one might be wrong.This is trutly amazing considering the number of bar certified lawyers that inhabit the halls of congress.For the first thing that they teach in law school is to question the assumptions one is making when representing ones client.
       The idea that " I MIGHT BE WRONG " should be written in six foot letters in the halls of Congress, and on top of each bill,regulation that is issued by that august body. fact I would like to make it a law that says, that the private secretary to the president of the United States, must say to the president at the beginning of each day,"Mr. President,you could be wrong.". It might not change things in congress or in the White House,but as they say, it can't hurt.
      Tomorrow we will begin to examine the problems facing us in this life. If there is one thing in particular that you wish to be put under the microscope of logic and reason, let me know and I will address those areas first. Remember,"I might be Wrong "

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