Tuesday, May 3, 2011


     Well, after such a long absence in writing this blog, I wondered were I would start. After all there are a million different thoughts and ideas running wild throught my mind. So to get back into the flow of writing again,the thought occured to me it would be fun to highlight some of the dumbest thing our elected politicans have said lately.The first one,and I offer apologies to Penny,my online friend in England,since it is the comments of the England's Forgien Office that I will highlight first.Last week Nato forces sent a smart bomb into the family compound of Libya's leader,killing his youngest son and three others.Then his supporters in the capital of Tripoli attacked the British Consulate.At which point the Foriegn Office of the British Government issued a statement deploying the fact that the consulate was attacked.Saying it was another example of Libya's failure to live up to its international obligations. Lets see,the British Government in patnership with Nato just tried to kill the leader of Libya,and they are surprised that Libya did not protect their Consulate.Now I ask you, what the hell did they think was going to happen? Duh!!
    Now to this side of the pond,as my friend Penny would say.The dumbest saying of the week goes to a would be politician,Donald Trump.The reason I say a would be politician is because even though he says he might be running for president,he never will. The reason being is that he would not like his financial dealings to be made public.Anyway,for weeks he has been saying that President Obama should release his long form birth certificate.Well the president finally got the State of Hawaii to release his long form birth certificate, and what did Donald Trump say.Mr. Trump got up before the camera's and said,"I am pround that I finally got the President to release his birth certificate,now we have to check out the particulars and see if it all checks out.I hope it all does."What!!!! Does he really think that the State of Hawaii would issue a fake birth certificate just to fool him and the american people.And this is a man who says he wants to be president.DUH!!!!!!!
     Well I guess that's it for my first post in over a month.I hope it made you think about other stupid stuff our politicans have been spouting over the years.Do you think we should have a IQ and Common Sense test before a person could run for office. I know what I think, but the question is what do you think?


  1. Yeah that Trump cracks me up... he has been spouting off all kinds of crap and thinks he is the reason for all that is good in the world... I feel like he should just SHUT IT UP !!!
    Nice to ha ve you back my friend !

  2. No need to apologise, Richard. I love the absurdities of the diplomatic manoevering. I sure there was some weird reason for the protest.

    I have a similar problem with some politician over here who are busy telling me to vote 'NO' to alternative voting because I am too dumb to understand it. Not a good way to get my vote.
    Then they tell me that, had we had AV at other elections, we would have had more extremist politician in government. I want to know how they can know what my AV vote would have been when I don't know myself, not having had that option at the time.
    Lies, daned lies and statistics.

    Welcome back, I've missed you and your blog posts.