Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  1. -     When we look at the problems that beset our country and the way our politicans go about trying to solve them,then certain things stand out.The first thing is that for supposedly intellgent beings,seeing that they all have college degrees and on top of that rich or at least well to do,they are very shortsighted.It was once said that the first duty of a politician is to get reelected.So true. It is because of this desire to get reelected,that their approach to solving problems is very shortsighted. Only those solutions which produce immediate results that can be attributed to the politicians legislation or his parties belief system is considered.It is these things that can be translated into votes that the politicians care about.Thus it is the party line and the parties politicial beliefs that rule the way politicans approach all things. This may sound somewhat cynical,but this view point is a direct outcome of having a politican class.
  2.      A permanent political class creates and infects the members with an insidious virus or belief.This belief does like this,the voters continue to elect me,therefore my belief system and my judgement on all that comes before me must be superior,otherwise I would not be reelected.Therefore it follows that I know what is best,no matter what anyone else has to say.With this belief system,true solutions to the myriad problems facing us as a nation will never be considered.An because of this belief system by the political class,problems continue to grow until the point is reached were the solution to the problem becomes worst than the orginial problem.This is the reason that the political class will never question the assumptions which the operate under.
  3.      Now when the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution forming the United States of America,they never considered adopting term limits for the presidernt or members of Congress or the Senate.To them it was inconceivable that any individual would make it their life's mission to be continuely elected to office.The way they viewed service to the country was that an individual would serve a term or two then return to private life.A politican to the way of seeing things was a lot like that of a militia ,a priviate citizen who would take up arms when the need arose and once the threat was dealt with,returned home and lived their lifeuntil the next time that their community or nation need them.So what the solution to the problem facing us today.Well that's easy,institute term limits for our congressmen and senators.That would insure that the politicans would not be wed to any particular political belief system.They would be more open to solutions that they had not thought of or considered before. Will this solve the really but it would be a good start.Our politicans must learn to question the assumptions by which they approach a problem,and see if the assumption they are operating under is valid.It is really amazing how problems will fall when one questions assumptions.So what do you believe.will this help solve the problems facing us?I know what I believe,but the question is what do you believe?


  1. As I see it, the problem is that there is no solution that doesn’t have its own inherent flaws. Politicians faced with a limited term of service will look to secure their future. For the majority, this will not be simply a place in the history books or a vote of thanks; they will seek something more tangible. Having had a taste of power, they will seek to retain a position of influence. Over here, that means becoming linked to pressure groups or industry, often a combination of both. This can lead to under-the-counter deals where apparently independent politicians who espouse a certain cause during their term of office, then join the company/group that sponsored the cause when they leave office. This way they maintain their status and income. The main problem is political apathy as this allows politicians to say people like the current policies as they have not voted against them. Forcing politicians to keep honest both to the electorate and to their beliefs needs a strong voting populace.

  2. Well look what's happened to us out here in Chicago...we get ol' Rahm in office as mayor! Yikes...and so the cycle continues on and on...I guess we are all just mortals trying to make a difference each led by our own flesh...without the answers! That's what I think!