Sunday, May 8, 2011


          To all my female readers of this post,let me wish you a Happy Mothers Day.Not only are you the glue that holds the family together,but the binding agent for society,and without whom there would be no future for the human race.So enjoy your day,and know that you are Loved and appreciated in our hearts and thoughts even if they are not expressed openly.I will leave you with this true story.
.        In the late 1980's I was in charged of a kitchen at a juvenile detention facility for the state of California ,in Campo,California. I had approximately 30 women working for me in the kitchen who's average age was around 40.The first Mother's day I was working in the kitchen,my big boss drove out to the camp in a van loaded with 30 dozens bouquets of red roses for our female employees.After getting all the ladies together, we passed out the bouquets to each and everyone. That done,my boss, made a small speech of appreciation to the ladies for their hard work during the last year,at which point he asked me if I had anything to say.I replied ,"yes",and in front of all my employee's I ask him,"Were was my bouquet of flowers?"  He looked at me with this strange face and said,"Richard,its Mother's Day remember." "I know",I replied",but you can ask any of the ladies here,that I am called a mother more often everyday than any of the ladies here.It seems almost every 10 ot 15 minutes I hear the pharse,"Richard you Mother #$^%&$." Both my boss and the ladies broke out laughing,but I will have you know that the following Mother's Day I received my very own bouquet of roses from my boss,presented in front of the assembled ladies.
       I hope this true story brought a smile to your lips and a laught to your soul. So once again Happy Mother's Day to one and all.

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