Monday, May 9, 2011


     Since this blog deals with assumptions in all aspects of life,I would recommend that the readers of this blog obtain a copy of James P Hogan's sci-fy novel,:Inherit the Stars"It is the perfect blending of science,logic and fiction,and the story shows just how assumptions can help or hurt in one's search for the truth. However,I must warn you, that once you read Hogan's work,it is addictive.Each book leaves you with the desire to read something else he has written.It's an addiction that I highly recommend.
     There are certain assumptions to God,intolerance and death that link all three together.This post ame about because of the violence in Egypt,between the fundamental Muslim's and the Christian minority/all because of a rumor.Now the assumption about God that all religions share is that God expects its creation to live a certain way.Now according to the basic tenets of each particular religion,this lifestyle can be gentle and caring or violent and cold. The problem is that any fundamental view of religion and its tenets,places the greatest value on the most basic values of the religion.Even though the vast majority of Muslim's look at Islam as a caring and gentle religion,one cannot hid the fact that Islam was created as a warrior religion,to counter the invasion of christian crusaders into the middle east.Thus the violence between fundamental muslim's and the minoriy christians in Egypt.Interolance in its most vile form.Now the basic assumption about death,goes hand in hand with the view of God that religions hold.Death in this context is just a transtion from one form of existence to another.That in the existence after death,reward or punsihment will be given out by the God that each religion recognizes.Thus what one does during ones life has meaning,here and after death.Thus the fear of death,  but what if there is no life after death,then death only has meaning to those that are still alive.For the person who dies,has no idea that they are dead.One moment they possess consciousness and the next nothing.There's nothing to fear since you won't know your dead.So see its all about the assumptions one makes in life about the most basic beliefs.Is there a God,do you believe in religion,if you do then you must accept the assumption that death is not final.I know what I believe,but the question as always is what do you believe? And does this belief control what you do and how you live and approach life?An interesting question to contemplate,don't you think.


  1. An interesting one, Richard. I'm an agnostic. I can't believe in any God as set out in any religios book I have ever been introduced to. I have two main sticking points:
    1/ If God is omnipotent and omniscient then the devil can not exist as God would have known what was going to happen before it did and been able to prevent it. Without the Devil to account for the evil in mankind, we are left as a flawed creation, something that the aforsaid God is surely incapable of by accident. If we are a flawed creation by design, how could a loving, caring, God have allowed such to exist knowing all the pain and suffering that would ensure?

    2/ I do not believe that any 'God' who made the world would make an afterlife for humans and not for other animals.

  2. I have to some what agree with Penny on this one Richie.
    Great posts, keep them coming !

  3. I do believe in the after-life that death is not final...and I try to live as if each day was my last...someday it just might be...

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