Wednesday, May 4, 2011


      Last night I was watching television when a commerical came on for Disneyland.The theme ofthe commerical was what could you do if you had one more day at Disneyland. Well it got me thinking,just what would someone do if they were granted one more day  at the end of their life. An to add another level of complexity,what if you could also go back and change a decision you made that sent you down a path that you believed was wrong.Would you spend it with a loved one,or someone in your past that had died,or maybe just slowly drifted away.Or would you choose to spend it with some important or not so important figure in history.So many possibilities, and only one day to experience your choice.
     It has been said that one's life unfolds as it was meant to be. But if that's true that means that there is no free will, that everything is preordain and that we are just actors reading or lines and going through the moitions called for in the comsic script.I for one do not believe in this theory.I believe in the multiverse,were each decision onemakes creates a new reality, and the possibile reality's are infinite.Here's a mind bender. Suppose you decide to go back and change the outcome of a bad decision.Once that change is made does it alter the future of your life and the direction of the world in general.If it does do your memories alter to fit the new reality. Then what happens when you come to the end of your life and once again are able to have one more day? Trying to think about all the possibilities,will make one dizzy and create a headache to end all headaches.
      If you decide to comment on this post,I would ask you to said how you would use the extra day.Myself, I am quite confilcted. On the one hand there is a spur of the moment decision that sent my life down a path that was unexpected.I have always wondered what would have happened if I did not make that particular decision. Would I have achieved my dream of going into spaceas an astrouant,to fly jets.Who knows.I do know that I have had an impact on the livesa of not only family members,friends and definitely on a number of strangers.This is true because for a period of time i was a firefighter,paramedic,and taught emergency medicine to hundreds of individuals.These individualsI suspect impcted other lives etc,etc.But then again,if I changed that one decision,I would not have met or known individuals who I have come to love and whose friendship I cherish. The known or the unknown, that as they say is the decision.I just don't know if I could make the decision how to spend that extra day. Could you,and if so what will it be? Have plenty of asprin handy my friends?I look forward to your replies.


  1. There are may things in my life I would change if I could go back, many mistakes I have made. If I could take a day and go back there are two things I wish I could do.
    1. Meet myself as a child and explain the misconceptions I had that made me feel unlovable and deserving only hatred.

    2. I would go to visit my father the night before he died. I always regret not going.

  2. Richard it is nice to see you have returned to the techno-world! Welcome back! (I lost a very dear friend three years ago in May...she was my best friend out here...I would love to go back and spend just one more day with her! Thanks for asking...

  3. Hi Richie !
    Great ponder as usual, I do not believe I would want that one more day, I wouldnt know where to start !!
    Teeheehee !!